Why having good underwear is important for students !!

Underwear is worn by students for a lot of reasons. Some wear it because they feel that they have to the age of puberty, whereas, they have a lot of benefits. They can protect you from being soil and absorb precipitation, urine and semen.


When a student comes to the age of puberty, leakage of semen becomes a major issue. They do not understand how to control this and then comes the use of underwear. They keep your modesty acclaimed.

Sometimes, when you get your pant torn while playing then it’s the underwear which protects your private part from being visible to everyone.

Let’s check out some of the reasons which tell us why underwear is important for students:-

•Chafing occurs when your skin gets rubbed from another skin or with the clothes. These are similar to rashes but highly irritating.

But it can be prevented by using a underwear which is made up of a good cloth material like cotton. They are very gentle to skin and protect your skin from getting rubbed by your jeans or pants.

•Crotch rot is a type of skin rashes. It mostly comes when you wear wet clothes. So, if you are precipitating and you have not worn a underwear then there are chances that you will get crotch rot.

Therefore, underwear are designed in such a way or made from such a cloth that can absorb sweat and makes you feel dry whole day.

•It also protects you from stains that you can get from excessive sweating. You can just imagine that if you become wet from behind just because of your sweat then how embarrassing it would feel to you.
Wearing underwear gives you a second layer of cloth that can absorb your sweat and protects you from embarrassing moments.

•Many a times we forget to close our zip and it happens with almost everyone. Imagine that you do not have worn underwear and your zip is open!! Such an embarrassing moment it would be. But if you have worn your underwear inside then you do not have to worry and your boys are protected and invisible to the world.

•Many a times after passing urine we shake our boy part well but still some drops remains there. And it becomes usual with you getting older.

So, if you do not want to been wet on your front then you must wear underwear always.

•The best part is that even wearing drawers have become a style statement nowadays. If you are going to a party and wearing sexy underwear it enhances your style.

Even it acts as a seduction to your partner. Just look at a drawer advertisement and see yourself in front of your partner. You would feel yourself that your partner would get attracted more towards you. It also helps you during fore playing with your partner in bedroom.

Wrapping it up

Wearing underwear is a choice which can be made by you only. But according to me, it is always good and safe to wear underwear for your protection.

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