How can I track my lost Mi mobile?

Have you ever lost your mobile phone or accidentally left it somewhere and can’t find it? It might have happened with you that either you accidentally dropped your mobile somewhere and now can’t find it anywhere or maybe someone stole your mobile and you want to track the current location of your phone. Either way, it is very important for the owner to know the whereabouts of the phone as mobile phones contain personal and important data that should not be shared with anyone. In this article, we will see how you can track your lost or stolen Mi mobile.

How to track lost Mi mobile

Since technology has been advancing very fast, we now have more facilities at hand than we had in the past. Now we can easily track or see the real-time location of your mobile device. There are two ways to track lost mobile phone.

  1. Using Mi cloud
  2. Using Google’s Find my device service.

In this article, we will discuss

Mi Cloud is a service provided tracking your lost device using both these services.

Using Mi cloud

Mi Cloud is a service provided tracking your lost device using both these services. The Mi cloud offers lots of features such as cloud storage for storing media such as images, videos, notes, contacts, messages, call recordings, etc. You can slow sync your data such as calendar, messages, contacts, notes with Mi cloud. Mi cloud also offers sync functionality across multiple devices using which you can easily move all of your data to a new device. One other feature that Mi cloud offers is the device location tracking feature which we will be using to track the lost mobile phone. You can also lock and erase data from your mobile using the Mi cloud in case you are not able to track the location of your phone and don’t want to expose your personal data to anyone else there are lots of benefits of creating a Mi cloud for using Mi cloud you might have to create Mi Account.

Tracking your phone using the Mi cloud is very easy. Just follow the below-given steps to track your mobile’s location in real-time.

1. Use any browser and go to this link

2. Sign in using the Mi account that you had used in your Mi mobile. If you ever forget your Mi account password, you can use mi account unlock tool download to unlock your account.

3. Once logged in successfully you will be presented with a dashboard having options such as contacts, messages, gallery, notes, etc. Click on the Find Device option.

4. The location tracking tool will start tracking your mobile’s current location and show it in your browser window.

5. From this window, you can also use other options such as sound, lost mode and erase data. All these modes are explained below.


This option makes the mobile play a continuous loud sound that can’t be stopped or controlled through the volume buttons. This mode is most useful when you can’t find your mobile in close proximity. Say for suppose you kept your mobile somewhere in your house and can’t find it anymore. So in such a case you can use this feature and find your mobile by the sound it makes.

Lost mode

When the lost mode is enabled the normal functionality of the phone will stop and the mobile will start showing a message on the screen stating that this mobile is lost. You can also put a custom message where you can enter your contact details so that the person who finds your mobile can contact you through those contact details.

Erase Data

The erase data mode will delete any personal data present on the mobile and will make the phone as it was when it was completely new. This option is most useful when you have sensitive data on your mobile which you don’t want to share with anyone.

Requirements for using Mi Cloud location tracking

Though the location tracking services provided by Xiaomi is great, it has some requirements which should be fulfilled before using the service. These requirements are

  • The mobile must have a working internet connection so that it can transmit its current location to the Mi Cloud.
  • You should have a Mi account and that Mi account should be logged in the mobile.
  • The find my device feature should be enabled in the device settings and the location services should be enabled.
  • The find my device feature can be activated by going to Settings -> Mi Account ->Mi Cloud -> Find Device on your mobile.

Using Google’s Find my device service

Google also provides a mobile location tracking service that allows you to track your mobile’s current location using a Google account. You can track any mobile phone having a google account linked to it by this method. To track your mobile just follow the below-given steps

  • Open any browser in your laptop/computer and go to this link
  • Login to your Google account that is linked with your mobile device.
  • Once logged in successfully a device list will appear in the find my device list where you can see all the available devices that are linked to the given google account.
  • Select the device which you want to track and it will start tracking the device.
  • Once the tracking is complete it will show you the current location of the device.

Other than locating your mobile you can also use the other options provided by this tool such as

1. Ring – Ringing the phone will make your phone produce a continuous sound that can’t be controlled with volume buttons.

2. Check recent security events – You can also monitor recent security actions performed on your devices such as password or lock change, suspicious login activities, etc.

3. Lock your phone – You can use this option to lock your phone. When this option is used you can set a custom message to be displayed on the screen along with your mobile number so the person who finds it can contact you.

4. Sign out – To prevent any further malicious activities you can sign out of your mobile device.

5. Erase your mobile – Erasing your mobile will wipe out all the data and settings that might be sensitive in nature. This option should be used as a last resort if you can’t locate or retrieve your mobile. Though this option has some limitations such as

  • Google may not be able to completely erase all memory cards on your device
  • Find your phone and Android Device Manager can no longer locate, ring, or lock your phone
  • You’ll permanently lose access to all info on your device that wasn’t recently backed up to Google
  • Your phone will be erased the next time it’s online. If it doesn’t come online again, it won’t be erased.

Requirements for using Google’s find my phone

  • Similar to the limitations of Mi cloud’s location tracking service, Google’s Find my phone also has some requirements that need to be fulfilled before tracking your mobile.
  • The mobile device to be tracked should have a working internet connection.
  • The device should not be switched off and should be able to transmit location data to Google using the internet connection.
  • A google account should be linked to the device and should be actively synchronized with it.


If you have ever lost phone you know how important it is to get back your mobile as it contains sensitive and important data. These two services can be used to find and track your mobile device effectively. Though Mi cloud location tracking is available only for Mi devices, you can use Google’s find my phone if you own any other device.

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