For Saving Water OYO Come to Aid of Its Partner Hotels, Furnishing Rainwater Harvesting System

Recently OYO shares in a statement that the company is focusing to give the prime financial and technical support to the partner hotels throughout the country via the spacious types of activities and projects. Through this project and activity, OYO wants to assist the hotels from the water woes.

On Monday, a corporate social responsibility assistance program was launched by OYO hospitality firm. Maximum hotels which are under the brand of OYO company in Shimla have well furnished with the system of water harvesting. OYO stretch out from Shimla and ensure the systems for every hotel.

Saving Water

The prime aim of this company is to aid the essential support both financially and technically to the partner hotels. This support is provided through the CSR assistance program. OYO wants to solve the water woes through the water harvesting system. OYO shared this news.

It also adds that the company is looking forward and aiming to the skill development, development of economic opportunity, sustainable tourism, etc. for the betterment of the business. If OYO keeps enhancing the skill development, development of economic opportunity, sustainable tourism, it easily reaches towards the achievement of its business goal.

Mr. Aditya Ghosh, the Chief Executive Officer of OYO Hotels and Homes India and South Asia says that they are happy to be a part of this program and gratify to support in the ratification of rainwater harvesting systems in the OYO hotels in Shimla. He added that they are delighted as a part of the CSR program.

Tourism is the most prime business to build or boosting a state economy. The maximum economy of a State has come from the contribution of tourism. The techniques which are ratified to solve the problems will support the hotels in Shimla. These techniques aid to regain its position from this problem. After this project, Shimla is again considered as the most preferred hill station. Not only Shimla but sustainable tourism practices can help to promote the tourism business across the World, Mr. Aditya Ghosh adds in his statement.

About the program and its aim:

So the program OYO Reach is the corporate social responsibility program which is announced by the popular hotel and home chain OYO for the business development. The main aim of this program is to assist its undertaking hotels for executing different projects and activities. OYO particularly emphasize on sustainable tourism, skill development, the economic opportunity for the hotels.

Sustainable tourism develops all kinds of tourism for all types of destination. It also indicates mass tourism and various niche tourism. This kind of tourism denotes several aspects of tourism like economical, environmental, socio-cultural aspects. These three dimensions always balance the sustainability of tourism for a long time duration. Moreover, the skill development of a business always enhances business efficacy.

Skill development almost related to every step of the business. If there is a positive change in skill development, the entire tourism system is on the right track. Skill development is required for the tourism industry to survive in the competitive market. In the other hand development of economic opportunity is important to grow a business. So sustainable tourism, skill development are the safe path to increase the economic development of a tourism business.

OYO already furnished 83 percent of the of its partner hotels with the water harvesting facility before the starting of the programs with the hotels in Shimla. As a result, 81,000 liters of water are saved for these hotels. So this program enhances to develop their tourism business gradually.

This area often faces water scarcity problem before this program. The main endeavor of OYO Reach program is to furnish its partner hotels with rainwater harvesting facilities. After planting the rainwater harvesting system, there is no influence on the city water table. A spokesperson from this company shares this. He adds that OYO takes other endeavors in the other locations based on the disputes which are suffered by the respective location.

An OYO hotel owner Mr. Puneet Chopra shared that last year, Shimla was suffering from water scarcity and the situation was very worse. This situation has directly affected tourists. Now the rainwater harvesting system ensures to solve this problem. He said this facility not only solve the issue but help the tourists to get the best hospitality. As a result, the tourism business increases after this launching program.

During the summer which is considered to be a peak season, the bookings become double. Even booking has begun during January. Tourists usually use OYO referral code for the hotel’s bookings. They use OYO app and book the hotels by using the OYO referral code to spend their holidays. So advance bookings are increased due to this water harvesting launch program and many tourists enjoy their vacation smoothly in the summer.

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