CPU Case fan: What is Positive, Neutral, and Negative Pressure?

The Cooling system in your PC depends on a lot of configurations. Such as Case configurations, Fan layout, and the Type of Pressure inside the case. Out of these, the most important is the Pressure because it can change the effects you can have on your PC.

So here we are going to talk about the Positive Pressure, Neutral Pressure, and Negative Pressure and what it does means for your Cooling System?

The very first you get when you are trying to build a PC is the Case or Cabinet or Chassis or whatever you call it. The case serves multiple purposes:

1. It houses all of your other computer parts.
2. It creates a cooling environment.

So by creating a cooling environment, the case gives you full control over the AirFlow.

Do you know? The Radiator and Processor is not the only component which is needed to be, but there are a lot of other elements which requires the AirFlow for the Transfer of heat.

The Question Arises here is how does the system get heats up?

It because of the Radiation, where the heat from the components gets radiated into the Atmosphere which is needed to remove from your Case.

What is Positive, Neutral, and Negative Pressure?

Positive Pressure

Positive Pressure means you have more intake of air than the air which exhausts. Or in Simple Words, you have more air entering the case than the air which is going out. Now when there is more air in the Cooling environment, how does it get out? The air moves out via the vents in the bottom of the vents on the back and top, vents where you have the slots or other holes in your Case and so on. Positive pressure only removes specks of dust from the system when the vents you have contains a dust filter.

Neutral Pressure

As you guys might have already guessed, Neutral Pressure means you have the Same amount of Air intake and the same amount of Air exhaust. This effect neither creates Positive Pressure nor Negative pressure as the Air which is entering the case is the same as the Air which goes out of the fact.

Negative Pressure

In the case of Negative Pressure, More amount of Air gets exhausted than the Air intake. So when you remove more air out than the Air which comes in the case, the air vents in your case becomes intake and comes in through the same vents, gaps, and holes just like Positive Pressure. Why? Because it has to draw air from somewhere in other to exhaust it.

Why do we care about these things?

There are specific reasons like:

1. Temperature Control
2. Dust Control

If you can manage more cool air entering the case, then you will have the much better cooling environment. Dust Control is also an important thing one should care about when it comes to Positive and Negative pressure.


Creating a positive pressure has certain advantages, it provides a much better cooling environment, and it keeps your vents as out-take and helps you reduce dusts in your computer because that’s where most of the sand enters your cooling environment.

You can have Positive pressure in your case by having a CPU Case fan with Higher RPM (Rotation per minute) in the front than the back. So you have more Air in and less air Out.

On the other hand, Negative pressure makes the system pulls more air from the side and creates more restrictions it also sucks in more dust in and might block the fans and decrease the cooling ability of your system.

So Positive Pressure is something you should go for because neutral pressure is tough to achieve these days.

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