Best phones under ₹10,000 in India

1. Xiaomi redmi Note 7

There are a good amount of entry-level phones which are packing a punch. There are a good amount of brands in India which are trying to corner the market of affordable devices. One of the devices is redmi Note 7. This is one of the best phones which comes under the 10000 category. The starting point we would like to mention is that the processor of this phone is really premium and there are no other phones which offer the processor at 10000 rupees. Snapdragon 660 is the processor used in this phone. This processor has more than enough power to let you multitask in your phone.This processor has more than enough power to let you multitask in your phone.

The camera at the back is better than average and you will be able to capture impressive pictures in a well-lit environment. It is not that good for low light conditions. The selfie camera is also decent and the beautification effect is not that overwhelming. The build quality is good enough and the battery will help you last throughout the day.

2. Xiaomi redmi 6 Pro

This phone is similar to the MI A2 lite phone and China. You can say that this phone has been rebranded with a different name. This phone defines a balance between performance as well as style without being too expensive. for a price which is 10,000 Rupees, this phone has a battery which will help you last the whole day if you are a normal user and this battery capacity is more than most of the phones and the 10000 rupees price range. If you are a person who wants to play a lot of media files especially videos, you might want to go for another phone.

3. Samsung Galaxy M10

The Galaxy M10 is one of the cheapest phones you can The Galaxy M10 is one of the cheapest phones you can find in the market find in the market. Because Samsung wanted to take down sure me as the market leader, it got down the prices of its own phones and started releasing budget phones. Generally, Samsung launches different types of phones but this is something different from the usual versions of the phones. This is the first phone which fits in the budget segment and also tries to get rid of the notch together and It’s very easy to root too. . The battery will last as long as a day and the design of this phone is really good for people who want to go for the notchless display.

The chipset is not the latest but this phone as one of the biggest screens available under the 10000 rupees segment.The HD resolution of the screen is also an attractive feature.

Conclusion: These are some of the best phones you can find under the 10000 rupees segment. There are a good amount of other phones as well but we think that these are the best among them all because of the features as well as the battery capacity as well as the hardware quality. We hope that this guy helped you find the perfect phone under 10,000 rupees. Have a great day.

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