7 Awesome Electric Bikes That Will Have You Zooming Across the City in 2019

A lot of people are wondering whether it is time to upgrade the bikes. Bikes are the most popular transportation in the world and there are more than 2 billion bikes around the world and this number will reach as high as 5 billion by 2050. Bikes are the best form of products which you can use in order to improve your overall health, be it mental, physical, et cetera. Bikes are the most convenient, healthy, Eco-friendly and cheap means of travel if you want to get from point a to point B in a short amount of time but not walk.

The best part about it is, more than 75% of the people in the world know how to ride a bike easily, and more than 50% of the people used bikes at least a few times a week. There is a huge amount of rising in the electronic bikes market and good amount of companies are targeting them and developing them in a way that people can write that in an affordable. Then as usual rise in the electronic bikes market and good amount of companies are targeting them and developing them in a way that people can write that in an affordable manner which is cheaper than the previous means of way which is cheaper than the previous means of transportation. There is no indication of slowing down in the production of electronic bikes and you will have an abundance of bikes at disposal.

Let us now discuss the top electronic bikes

which are available in 2019 for you

Audi e-bike

This is one of the coolest looking bikes we have ever seen and on this list, the design is futuristic and it will surely turn off your heads. Since Ducati e was purchased by this company, this company has been going on in the world of two wheeler bikes. Not only the design of this bike is standing out, this Electronic bike is different from many other forms of traditional electronic bikes which are on this list itself. There is a motor which is placed along the center of the bike which allows equilibrium and control and optimal usage of the gear.

The X1 explore

In case you are someone who is in need of something which is more convenient than usual, this is one of the best Electric bikes which we can opt for. This device is foldable and that also consists of GPS tracking with an eco-friendly way of transport and design. This bike can be fit anywhere for easy transport.

The Skillion Max e-bike

This is a combination of multiple features which are really great for people who are willing to purchase a bike with most of the qualities. This bike is really versatile and can handle most of the roads. The range of travel is 38 miles on a full charge.

Stealth b-52 momber electric bike

This is one of the best bikes if you want to opt for performance and speed at an affordable price. The design is really minimal as well as sleek, this electronic bike has different features which are really common with the motorcycles then it has in Commonwealth some of the wise which are on the list here. The acceleration is really silent and this electronic bike and go up to 50 miles per hour. The range of the bike is 60 miles on a single charge.

Pendleton Somerby electric bike

In case you want something simple and less flashy, and you want something which is conservative as well, this is one of the best electric bikes under £1000 you can opt for because of the sleek design and common looking bike. If you are a beginner and want to start riding on an electric bike, this is one of the best ways you can do it because the price is affordable.

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