Business Advice for Next Gen Kids
Tips for kids of the 21st Century

If you are a kid of the new generation then you have arrived on the perfect place,

here you will find the environment to be yourself without hiding. Having your intuitive and spiritual abilities may be complicated to run a business in a world possessed by the old generations.

We are indigo children too and we have learned how to deal with the energy around us to maintain our true self growing. We also are aware that there are many of us struggling to find the way to express themselves and be successful in business because it is not an easy thing to do.

Here you will find the recommendations to grow your business, you will be inspired and motivated from others, you will learn how to let your creativity flow toward your goals but more important you will gain more confidence in yourself to stand up for your ideas. Then you can become the entrepreneur of this new century that we all need.

With the right advice and a good plan you are capable of anything you want to achieve and for that are we here to guide you, to motivate you and to help you be the best version of yourself.

It is important to consider that the future generation, maybe our own kids, will be more sensitive than we are so they will need our help to adapt to this world.

They will need our help to accept their abilities and bring them to make a positive impact in the world. If you want to see change in the world you know that the change must begin within you first.

Developing the Young Enterpreneur

Every young entrepreneur can learn about what it takes about managing or owning a small business. The often overlooked resource is located directly within their own homes. The family offers a supportive network and may also act as guidance to the struggling or curious youth. The benefit is further enhanced when one of the parents happens to be a successful entrepreneur themselves.

It is extremely crucial that the parents participate in the growth of the small business. Often children/young adults are too young to take on the full responsibility of owning a business all by themselves. The parent will act as a business advisor and a supporter or business advisor whenever their advice is needed.

Some of the following tips may be useful for developing a supportive guidance system to help your young entrepreneur.

Before anyone can get involved with creating a business they have to determine what their interests are. Their interests will often indicate what kind of business they should start and promote. When deciding which interest to turn into a business idea, they also need to consider the demand for the service or product. There's no point in going through all the difficult work to create a business only to discover there is no demand. This is a recipe for disaster. With the guidance of an adult, the youngster may be able to go door to door and determine the neighborhoods desires.

For Example: The child may find that a reliable and affordable landscaper is in great demand. They may want to start a landscaping business for the dry months, and a snow shoveling business during the winter. When surveying with your youth, you may find that most of the adults are busy and have a desire to delegate most household tasks off to someone else. The potential for getting your child's foot in the door will most likely be successful. If the population of your neighborhood seems to tip towards younger ages, take into consideration they tend to have no problems spending money on novelty items.


After you've compiled the results of the survey, it's time to take a magnifying glass to the results. As you go through the survey and determine the desire of your customer base, remove any business ideas that would gravitate towards advanced skills your child may not have at the moment. What we mean by this is to trash any idea that is overly technical and could be age in-appropriate (Painting, Auto Mechanic, etc.). This would also be a useful lesson in teaching how to start a business with a minimal equipment/investment list.

The next step should be geared towards creating a marketing plan that will help the youth to succeed. Every successful business has at least one business plan under their hats. Why should your youth be without? This plan helps motivate and also keeps the goals in mind. This is useful for avoiding any sticky situations later down the road. The plan may also serve as a reminder should the business owner become overwhelmed by the operations of the business.
When analyzing your market, ensure that you have a supportive customer base. You may want to start with family members, friends, and even some supportive adults. Once the young entrepreneur has been motivated by the initial success of their sales, they need to continue to spread the word about their business so they can gain additional customers. The first customers were not just there to offer their support, they also motivated the budding business owner to move forward with their sales! This lesson will sink in further once a little hard earned money pads their pockets. Don't be taken for surprise when the entrepreneur wants to move forward on the expansion and growth of their business.
I have found out that there are internet enterprises that support kids running their own businesses... they feel like we can learn a lot from them in their most purest form.
In the automotive industry a group of persons called carpreview, have their kids help them chose which car should be reviewed next. They do this in order to exploit the potential of the kids to make choices based on an innocent approach to likeness and intuition.
Regardless of your skill levels, you may be able to increase their knowledge by checking out books at the library. A simple request on business ownership should provide enough books to keep them busy for months!
Basic Business Tips For Kids 

Are you an aspiring businessperson? Are you planning to enter the business world with a dream to make a change? Whether it is you yourself or your child being described, it doesn’t matter. Whatever age you are in, there are no more limits when it comes to starting a business. You only need ideas and resources to start one.

In this new generation, nearly everything is possible. Everything being done by adults can also be done by kids nowadays. Starting and growing a business is no exception. With special thanks to the ever-reliable Internet, almost everything that you need to know can be found there. With it, every resource to learn any skillset can be found with just a click of a button. But be careful, not everything that you find in the Internet is reliable. Just make sure you find the right site for the right resource that you are looking for, meaning a qualified site, and everything will just follow. For young aspiring entrepreneurs, a few business tips are recommended:

Be a social media consultant: Presumably you are up-to-date with the ever-evolving technology at this age in time, then you obviously have a leverage compared to adults when it comes to the Internet, your knowledge with regards to the World Wide Web is an advantage and you could put that knowledge into good use with knowhow with social networking, search engines, and blogging. Some businesses would pay good money for those social media experts to promote their business thru the Internet. Some kids are even making good money as we speak right now.

Be an etsy retailer: If you’re into DIY (do-it-yourself) stuff and selling it, you can use the Internet to promote it online. As there is already a community to cater such stuff, it won’t be as difficult as it seems to find customers online. And as you can just do it in the comfort of your home and using some old stuff, starting this kind of business is no sweat. You only need to have a creative mind.

Be a babysitter: One business tip that has already been going on in the past is being a babysitter. Long before the Internet, this business gig has been one of the most famous for younglings everywhere in the world. Now, with the use of the Internet, you can promote yourself through social media to further expand your “clients.”

Be a computer tutor: Growing up in the computer age, it is more likely that you have lots of knowledge regarding computers, which include troubleshooting, organizing, and using any browser. This knowhow is pretty significant in this modern period, but in all honesty, not everyone has the knowledge to do so. So being that you have the advantage, don’t give it up for free. Make it a business and earn from it.

As you build up your reputation with any one of these business ideas mentioned above, it would further make you known and in return could provide you more and more clients and maybe, just maybe, could consider upgrading that start-up business of yours into the next level. Since everything you need is just a click away, there is nothing to stop you from starting up your own business.